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Santa Cruz boasts a rich and diverse music scene, from blue grass and the Ukulele Club to rock.  Check out James Durbin’s original song “Santa Cruz” sponsored by Event Santa Cruz!  He’ll give you lots of reasons to move to Santa Cruz.

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A couple of days after Christmas, Alan and I took a drive for lunch at the Lodge at Pebble Beach.  It was sunny and warm and the burger and wine were the best.


Alan Susan SCUBA

Living on the Northern California coast is a lifestyle choice

People here are active, both physically and  mentally.  We ride bikes, skateboards, surfboards and horses. 

We hike in our beautiful coastal mountains and take on the challenge of scuba diving in sub-60-degree waters, all to see the amazing wildlife that abounds above and below.  

Santa Cruz Wharf dining is NOT just for PEOPLE!


We love the land and the sea and appreciate the wholesomeness of food fresh from both.  We buy our seafood off the boat, and our produce is fresh out of the field.


The California Coast is a feast for the senses. 

 Surrounded by both the sea and the mountains in close proximity, you smell fresh, salty ocean air and cool, newly-minted redwood air.  

From the Santa Cruz Harbor to Luca’s Wharf in Bodega Bay, the California Coast offers a  Mediterranean lifestyle that is nearly unique in the world.  

Santa Cruz in December.  On my walk to the lighthouse, just past Aldo’s, the low December sun glitters off the sea.  Lovely.

I mean, really.  How pretty is our beautiful beach boardwalk on a November morning?  As they say in Hawai’i, “Too much a nui nui."

In September, 2015, a couple of lucky kayakers were swamped by a humpback whale.  An 

equally lucky tourist on a Sanctuary Cruise caught it on his camera.  What a thrill, hey!?  We’re not 

so sure we recommend you do this, but check it out!  And check out Sanctuary Cruises, as well!

The Santa Cruz area is located at the northern end of the Monterey Bay.  It’s that light-colored area

 at the top of this photo. And here’s a secret you may not know:  it’s the sunny end!  

But see that squiggly feature in the middle of the bay?  

That is a submarine canyon that is 2 miles deep and 

the source of nutrients for krill, anchovies and other 

food sources for some of the largest animals in the 

world: California Grey Whales, Humpback Whales, and 

California Blue Whales.  Right here in Santa Cruz!  

Call us at 831-332-6416 to find your perfect coastal or forest retreat in the Monterey Bay Area! 

Standing on the shore or paddling your kayak in 

Santa Cruz, you will see whales, dolphins, sea lions, 

Brown and White Pelicans, California Gulls, and 

California Least Terns gorging on anchovies and 

other feeder fish that in turn feed on nutrients that 

upwell from the deep Monterey Canyon off Moss 

Landing.  Meanwhile, miles and miles of Shearwaters skim above the ocean’s surface.  

You will hear crashing waves, calling 

birds and people of all ages screaming 

as they descend from the top of Santa 

Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s 90-year-old 

Giant Dipper roller coaster.

On wildlife-watching cruises,

you’ll be awed by Grey Whales,

Humpback Whales, Blue Whales,

Bottlenose Dolphins, Pacific White-

Sided Dolphins, Dall’s Porpoises

and acres of glorious, orange Sea 

Nettle jellyfish. (Don’t fall 

overboard!) You know this is Santa 

Cruz, because that’s the Giant

Dipper behind that whale at the 


You want to live here.  Call us.


Breakfast diners at Aldo’s, Santa 

Cruz Harbor are regularly entertained 

by otters, sea lions, harbor seal, 

pelicans and great blue herons.

In Santa Cruz you will see the best 

dogs in the world, like this fellow

who hangs out (literally) in this gold

Volvo around town.  As well as our own


Join us.  We’d love to have you here, too.


Boomer says, “Just do it."


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